Fundamentals of Macreconomics

Topics: Inflation, Monetary policy, Unemployment Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Fundamental of Macroeconomics
January 14, 2013

In the business and corporate world various terminologies are used constantly which most people do not quite understand. These terms will be identified and explained in terms that the average person can comphrend. These terms are the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Real GDP, Nominal GDP, Unemployment rate, Inflation rate, and Interest Rate. The Gross Domestic Product is defined as the total market value of all the final goods and services produced in an economy within a country during a given period. Real Gross Domestic Product (real GDP) is thought to be a country’s entire production of goods and services in a known time era and has been adjusted for cost changes. Nominal GDP is an appraised GDP at the existing market prices. The diverse terms that go along with Gross Domestic Product all clarify dissimilar values what a nation puts on the market when it pertains to their services and goods. Nominal Gross Domestic Product is the determination of genuine gross domestic product exclusive of taking into account additional variables or factors such as inflation. Unemployment rate is the percentage in a town, city, or state even as large as the country that demonstrates the percentage of how numerous citizens do not have work. As citizens are unemployed, it is registered with the government and the government has to sustain the percentage rate of how many people are unemployed. These figures have to be maintained for the reason that if unemployment becomes too high problems could arise within the government. Unemployment rates will vary depending on what is occurring in the economy and in no way will these rates stay the same. Interest rate is the rate of interest or the price paid for the use of a financial asset. Loans and credit cards are prime examples of how interest rates are calculated. A credit card for example, will have a defined interest rate, so when...
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