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Module: Fundamentals of Computer
Topic:- Organization of Computer ( Questions & Answers)
Assignment # 3
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Q1) Explain the functions of input and output devices.
Ans) Before knowing anything about the features of these devices, we should know what they basically are. The information or data that's entered or sent to the computer to be processed is considered input and anything that is displayed from the computer is output. Therefore, an input device such as a computer keyboard is capable of having information sent to the computer, but does not display i.e. output any information. An output device such as a computer printer can print information from the computer but does not send any information i.e. input to the computer. INPUT DEVICES: input devices are accessories that control how a computer processes information. They give the computers CPU data with which to work. It then processes the information and displays results to the users. Without input devices, computer would just display data without any interactions. OUTPUT DEVICES: Output devices relay the response, sound and media devices, which has a purpose to translate the devices response into a useable form for the computer user Q2) Describe the working of any two input and output devices. Ans) INPUT DEVICES:

1) Keyboard: This device is used to convert keystrokes into electrical signals that is useable for the user 2) Mouse: mouse is an input device which is moved to direct information on the computer screen. When we move the mouse, a pointer called mouse pointer moves on the screen and is used to point things on the screen OUTPUT DEVICE:

1) Monitor: monitors are the main output devices of the computer. It forms images from tiny dots, called the pixels, and the clarity of the image depends on the number of pixels in one screen. 2) Printer: this is an output device that...
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