Fuels: fuel Conservation

Topics: Combustion, Furnace, Boiler Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Storage, handling & preparation of fuel oils

Avoid oil spillage
Prevent oil leakage
Drain water from storage tank
Clean strainers/filters
Maintain the fuel oil at higher temperature in the main storage tank •Maintain correct pre-heat temperature

Combustion of fuels oils & burner operation & maintenance

The heat generated by combustion of fuel is utilised by boiler or furnace of heating water or air or any process material. •Combustion effected by a burner which mixes fuel and air in proper proportion •Any petroleum is a hydro carbon, sulphur is present in significantly lower percentage •Combustion products are primarily carbon dioxide, water vapour and sulphur dioxide which pass thru the chimney along with nitrogen in the air. •For ideal combustion 14.1 kg of air is required for every kg of fuel for complete combustion. However, in practice since mixing is never perfect certain amount of excess air is needed to complete combustion and ensure release of entire heat contained in fuel oil. •Too much air will result in additional heat loss, stack loss •Less air would lead to incomplete combustion and smoke

Hence there should be an optimum excess air level for each type of fuel which will give fuel saving. •An experienced operator relies on the smoke emitted by the chimney or colour of the flame to help in adjust air at the optimum level. However, a chemical analysis of flue gas is a more objective method that helps in achieving finer air control. •By measuring carbon dioxide or oxygen in flue gases, it is possible to estimate the percentage of excess air in flue gases. •Smoke indicates combustion condition

Burner selection should be done judiciously
Burner should be dismantled and cleaned periodically
Replace cracked burner blocks fast

Boiler operations

For efficient boiler operation follow correct procedures during start-up, operations, load changes and shut down. •Steam generation
Water level should be...
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