From Cell Phone to Smart Phone

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From Cell phone to Smart Phone
Over the years, technology has grown immensely. With the touch of a button, you can be talking, video chatting, or even messaging someone from another city, state, or country. Technology has made it easier for families and friends to keep in touch on a regular basis without having to pick up a pen, or licking a stamp. It has made communicating as simple as getting a glass of water. Technology made communication an important part of our lives without us even knowing it. In my opinion, cell phone technology makes communication more effective than ever.

One of the best forms of technology would have to be the cellular phone. A cell phone is a small device that uses Morris code to send and receive information from anyone, anywhere around the world. Cellular phones, are also known as cell phones, or smart phones, and they allow people to communicate from anywhere at any time of day without any complications. Cell phones are one of the coolest designs of technology because, they are advanced enough to allow you to communicate in multiple efficient ways.

Cell phones are the most efficient way to communicate, because they have every form of communication gathered into one small device. The first form of communication on a cell phone would have to be phone calls. With our advance calling technology, you can make calls from anywhere to anyone all over the world. Calling a friend from India would have the same quality as calling someone that is four blocks away from you. Phone calls can be made outside of your house at any given time. You have easy access to a bank, or to call your mother over for dinner.

Another great way to communicate on a cell phone is texting. Texting was designed for people with hearing impediments around 1994, then around the 2000s texting advanced and more people started to use it to communicate with one another. Today, humans are lazier, and cling to anything that will make their...
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