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French Revolution


May 5

June 17

June 20
July 14 August 27
June 1791 September
August 10 September
Summer July 1793 July 1794
to July

Louis XIV becomes King
Louis XVI became king and inherited part
of the debt from his predecessors.

21 1793

Bankers refuse to lend government
Bankers refused to lend the government any

more money which caused Louis to face
serious problems. Louis borrowed heavily
in order to help American revolutionaries in
their war against Great Britain which nearly
doubled the government’s debt.

Estate General

National Assembly

Louis put off dealing with cutting expenses
They voted to establish the National
and raising taxes until France faced
Assembly while proclaiming the end of the
bankruptcy. He tried to tax aristocrats and
absolute monarchy and the beginning of
the Second Estate stepped in and forced
representative government. This vote was
him to call a meeting of the Estate-General,
the first deliberate act of revolution.
an assembly of representatives from all
three estates, to get approval for the tax
reform. The meeting was the first in 175
years at Versailles.

Tennis Court Otah

Storming Bastille

After three days had passed, the Third
Estate delegates were locked out of their
meeting room. They broke down a door to
an indoor tennis court, pledging to stay

Rumors flew in Paris that foreign troops
were coming to massacre French citizens.
On July 14, a mob tried to get gunpowder
from a Paris prison called Bastille. Bastille

until they had drawn up a new constitution.
Their pledge was called the Tennis Court

fell into the control of the citizens because
the king’s soldiers were overwhelmed by
the mob.

Declaration of Rights of Men

Women March on Versailles

The National Assembly adopted a statement About 6,000 Parisian women rioted over of revolutionary ideals known as the
the rising price of bread. Their anger was
Declaration of the Rights of Man. The
directed towards the king and queen.
French embraced the principles of the
Women and men marched on Versailles
declaration and the expression “Liberty,
with weapons and broke into the palace. At
Equality, Fraternity” became the slogan of the palace, the women demanded the King the Revolution.
and Queen come to Paris. The King agreed
and took his family and servants out of

Louis tries to Escape

Legislature Assembly

The Kings advisors warned Louis that he
and his family were not safe in France.
Louis and his family tried to escape from
France to the Austrian Netherlands but
were recognized by a postmaster when they

The National Assembly completed its new
constitution that Louis approved of. They
handed over its power to a new assembly
called the Legislative Assembly. This
assembly had the power to create laws and

neared the French border. The family was
returned to Paris and because of this
attempted escape Louis had endangered
himself and his family even more.

to approve or prevent any war the king
declared on other nations.

France declares war on Austria

September Massacres
France's war with Austria and Prussia
affected daily life in Paris. In early
September Parisians raided the
prisoners and murdered over 1,000

French radicals hoped to spread their
revolution to all peoples of Europe. When
Austria and Prussia proposed that France
put Louis back on the throne, the
Legislative Assembly responded by
declaring war on Austria.

Tuileries invaded
National Convention
About 20,000 men and women invaded The National Convention meeting in the Tuileries, the royal palace where
Paris quickly abolished the monarchy
Louis and his family were staying. The and declared France a republic. Adult King's Swiss 900 men fought
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