French and Indian War Research Paper

Topics: French and Indian War, Great Britain in the Seven Years War, Braddock expedition Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: April 17, 2011
|FORT NECESSITY |September 20 | | |2010 | |In 1754, George Washington, a lieutenant colonel, was dispatch to the Ohio Country with an armed force to |French and Indian War Research Paper | |build a fort in present-day Pittsburgh. After arriving he found that the French were already building a | | |fort, Fort Duquesne. Washington ended up building Fort Necessity around the area but that wasn’t enough. | | |England and France fought for the power of the North America territory. Known as the French and Indian War| | |as well as the Seven Year war, it was the first major event that leads to George Washington’s military | | |career and manifest’s the first and last time he will ever surrender to an enemy. | |

Francesca Montenegro

September 20, 2010

Period 4

In the 1750’s, British and French representatives met in order to arrange progress due to territorial disputes, but the issue wasn’t solved because they both wanted control over the North American Region. Marquis Duquesne was made governor-general of New France with orders to take over the Ohio Valley, and get rid of the British who were in the area, which was done in 1752. ‘The following year, he had sent troops west of Pennsylvania where they built forts at Presque Island (Lake Erie) and on the Rivière aux Boeufs (Waterford). During the same time, Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, was giving land in the Ohio Valley to citizens of his colony which inevitably led to the French and Indian War.’...
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