Free Range Chicken Language Analysis

Topics: Human, Better, The Reader Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: April 27, 2010
Chickens Range Free
The article ‘Chickens Range Free’ written by a freelance writer Jo Smith conveys the idea that the activists who’ve offered a truck-load of chickens, freedom from their cages were a very humane thing to do. Through his explanations, a reasonable tone has been applied effectively to convince the readers to agree with him. The author has also employed a very confident tone when mentioning how this action has been clearly justified due to human rights. However, although there have been people who have opposed this action of freeing the chickens, the author tries to dominate his stand by employing the use of different persuasive devices such as the inclusive technique, directive language, and analogy, which in this article, have been applied very effectively and successfully. A photograph has also been provided to enhance the arguments of the author. Foremost, the author tries to engage the reader to feel that locking chickens up in their cages is inhumane, through the use of inclusive language. This can be seen when the author mentions that “We believe, as humans, we are not only doing the animals an injustice when we mistreat them, but that we are also doing ourselves an injustice.” This quote elicits fear to the reader by making them feel as though if he or she opposes to this statement, they are not considered as humans or they would feel left out as they believe that they would be the only one who opposes to the issue. As a result of this effect on the reader, the reader will decide to agree with what the author said is correct, that is freeing chicken was a humane thing to do. Next, the author applies the use of directive language to suggest an idea on how humanity can be improved. The author demands that “We must reform this attitude to our fellow inhabitants of the earth” which implies the action of locking chicken up in cages should be stopped as it is a form of abuse to animals; an inhumane act. This suggestion sends the reader a sense...
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