Free education

Topics: Higher education, Education, Right to education Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Free education

Nearly every country in the developed world provides free primary and secondary education. In the case of university education, however there is a great deal of disparity between countries’ education policies. Often states offer financial assistance to people who cannot afford to pay fees. In other states, university education is completely free and considered a citizen’s right. In my opinion, education is not a luxury, but a basic human right. Firstly, the state benefits from university-educated people. The first benefit is that a university-educated populace provides extensive economic boons to society. The second benefit is the development of leaders in society. Free university education allows all people to attend university, guaranteeing that the leaders of tomorrow have the chance to show their worth. World becomes better when the cleverest and brightest have the opportunity to rise to the top. The more gifted and talented young people get higher education, the more important discoveries and inventions are made. Free education gives us prosperous future. Also, I think that all people have a right to equal opportunity in order to break free from the social level in which they are born. University education gives people many chances that will serve them enormously in later life. It does so by providing opportunities to people while they are in university and open doors for them while they live. With free higher education, people have the ability to improve their own future utility. Although, mere graduation is not education because graduation alone cannot educate a person. A person also needs to learn and be educated about being a good citizen, having and developing certain values other than what is there in their own academic books. Finally, the burden of fees and loans is too heavy for young people, particularly for those from poor families. This can lead to individuals taking jobs which they do not...
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