Frederick Douglass A Hero Analysis

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Hero, Frederick Douglass Pages: 4 (852 words) Published: February 1, 2016

Superman rescuing a little girl, or Batman saving Gotham, both are two common stereotypes that are put on one word, hero. To many people, a picture of a man in a cape while the people watching in awe comes to mind. Not many would imagine a boy who grew up in an underprivileged family, but made it through high school and got a scholarship to a top notch college, then used his position to help other kids like himself make it through their educations. People wouldn’t imagine a girl who gives up hanging out with her friends every weekend to help out at a food shelter. When defining a subject such as this one, you must use three strategies: negation, example, and function. Regardless of the face that our society has pasted on this characteristic,...

These two men have had a great influence in history, and were dedicated to abolishing slavery. Despite both being at very separate social statuses, or having different skin color, they had many similarities that make them both heroes. For instance, Abraham Lincoln fought to abolish slavery, even when many others were very problematic and disapproved of his actions. This is a very important quality in a hero. As a result, he continued to fight for a cause that would benefit many people, even when people detested him and were fighting back. Frederick Douglass showed heroism when he escaped his owner, and instead of immediately getting a better life for himself, he worked with others to safely get his word out to the rest of the people. After he had escaped his owner and made it to the north, Frederick Douglass projected his feelings of being alone when he said, “But the loneliness overcame me. There I was in the midst of thousands, and yet a perfect stranger; without home and without friends-” (Douglass qtd SB 2). This shows just how lost he was, just how alone this man was feeling. This quality is one of a hero because he came from a horrible place, and he was still alone when he got there. Even after this, he stood up and spoke out against slavery, despite the fact that he could be found and taken back. He worked diligently to help people understand that slavery needed to be put to an end in their country. In conclusion, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln are two people that can be a strong example of a hero in the shaky history of our...
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