Franny and Zooey

Topics: Franny and Zooey, Jesus Prayer, Glass family Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: November 10, 2008
1.What role does conflict, both internal and external, play in the novella’s character development? Give two examples to support your response. Conflict helps to shape the characters in this novella. It is through conflict that the character of Zooey can be seen and developed. Throughout the whole Zooey section, Zooey is fighting with his mother (external conflict). This gives an insight to the characterization of Zooey and shows the reader how Zooey thinks and acts. Without this conflict, the reader would not be able to get inside the head of Zooey. Also, internal conflict contributes to Franny’s character development. Franny is constantly fighting with herself (internal conflict) about how she should act. She wants to point out all the phoniness in the world and wants to speak her mind. However, internally, she knows she should hold back her judgement because she knows that her judgement makes people dislike her.

2.Why is setting important to the development of Franny’s aversion to phoniness? The setting is important to Franny’s aversion to phoniness because the setting of the novella is New York City. New York City is a center of fashion and is a very trendy city. Growing up, Franny was surrounded by this. Since Franny is predisposed to hate phoniness, this setting helps to intensify Franny’s aversion.

3.Is Mrs. Glass typical or atypical? Fully explain.
Mrs. Glass is a typical mother. She constantly nags her children, but that is because she wants them to succeed. Even though she might like some children more than others (Seymour and Walt more than Zooey) she still loves her children. Although she is a bit strange, she is still typical (most of the Glass family is eccentric).

4.How have Seymour and Buddy contaminated Franny and Zooey? Seymour and Buddy started to take over Franny and Zooey’s education in order to expose them to a state of no-knowledge. They assumed that a true scholar would seek out knowledge on his/her own and...
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