Frankenstein as the Modern Prometheus

Topics: Frankenstein, Prometheus, Mary Shelley Pages: 3 (503 words) Published: December 9, 2014
Olivia Sandifer
English III H-7
28 March, 2014
Victor Frankenstein as the Modern Prometheus

I. Introduction
Victor is referred to as the “Modern Prometheus” because, like the titan, Victor disobeys natural law by creating life, brings knowledge through creation, and faces severe punishment for his actions.

II. Disobedience
A. Prometheus does as he is forbidden
1. Prometheus directly disobeys Zeus, the supreme power in Greek mythology, to help man. 2. Prometheus brings man the fire which Zeus instructed him not to give to man. 3. Prometheus is a great benefactor of man, but he is punished for his actions.

B. Victor plays God
1. Victor goes against natural law to create new life.
2. He takes the power of creation in to his own hands, and the results are ghastly. 3. Victor, too, is punished for his actions.

III. Bringers of Knowledge
A. Victor brings knowledge through his creation.
1. Creation is brought to life by electricity
2. Electricity represents new age of science during the Romantic Period 3. With creation comes destruction of society, which leads to Victor’s punishment. B. Prometheus brings knowledge to man
1. Prometheus gives life to man with fire
2. Fire is a representation of the Old Sciences
3. Prometheus’ gift to man angers Zeus, which causes Prometheus’ punishment.

IV. Punishment
A. Prometheus’ punishment
1. Directly disobeys Zeus by bringing fire to man.
2. Although his action was good, it has a bad outcome for him 3. He is sentenced to eternal punishment.
B. Victor’s Punishment
1. Seeks godlike power
2. Punished for abandoning his creation
3. His punishment is eternal and undying like Prometheus’.

V. Scientific and Paternal Knowledge
A. Strife for scientific knowledge.
1. Frankenstein’s combining of his areas of study to create his life form. 2. Prometheus introducing skills and enrichment to man
3. Both primitive man and Victor’s creation are brought to life by science. B. Both creators want to...
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