Frankenstein's Misunderstood Monster

Topics: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, The Little Girl Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Name:Ahmad Samir Popalzai
Cass: English 111
Date:November 19, 2012

Frankenstein’s Misunderstood Creature

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is recognized as one of the most prominent gothic novels of the nineteenth century. The young and ambitious Victor Frankenstein, who is the lead character in her novel, is obsessed with the idea of creating life out of lifeless matter. After many years of research and labor, Frankenstein sparks life in a corpse comprised of body parts from different people. As soon as his creature comes to life and opens eyes “all Victor feels is disgust and horror for the horrendous monster he has created. Victor cannot bear the sight of his creature.” He rejects his creation because of its deformity and abandons it calling the creature a “monster”. Contrary to the prevalent characterization of the creature as a monster, in my opinion, Frankenstein’s creation was a kind, compassionate and benevolent creature that was misunderstood and wrongly judged because of the unfortunate negative image the creature’s appearance portrayed, making the creature look frightening and disgusting. In fact, it was the negligence of Victor Frankenstein as well as the way society treated the creature that influenced and shaped the creature’s behavior and sporadic aggressive attitude. “When an individual reads the book Frankenstein, there should be an instant hatred for the monster, but there isn't (Gaither, 2).” The creature had many characteristics that made him a wonderfully intelligent creation with an innocent mind. When the creature takes his first breath and his “yellow eyes” open, he extends his hand and reaches out to his master, but Frankenstein forsakes and forbids the creature because it has failed to meet the beauty that Frankenstein had dreamt of. Victor was striving to create the perfect man and in such resolves to make him beautiful Frankenstein had envisioned the creation of a beautiful creature, but the features he gave to his creation only...
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