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Executive Summary
This report provides a critical discussion of the ethical problems in the case of Foxconn Technology Group event. the suicides of Foxconn’s workers in 2010. ethical problem for the human resources department in foxconn, such as employees would work more than seven days in a row without the required 24 hour break, and the company cannot give them enough working conditions. And discuss the ethical issue between stakeholders and the staff, like overworked employee doing repetitive work would be prone to suicide. While no employee is forced to work over time, as many as 33.8% of employees surveyed would like to work more hours for a increased weekly pay. And the ‘Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility’ . This is analysed through arising ethical issues of the Human Resource Management sector and provides ethical recommendations for this case. This research draws attention to why there are some staff in foxconn they committed suicide. And how is the eithic issues in the foxconn. The report finds the prospects of the company are not doing well in its current position. And the main problem just the HR manager and stakeholders just think about the profit and themselves instead of the staff. Recommendations 3 main points:

-managers need to be retrained to identify with employees and value them for intrinsic worth. -such as health and safety, worker integration and communication, treatment of interns, and enrollment in China’s social security system -. need an effective oversight mechanism to supervise

Terry Gou established Foxconn Technology Group because of rapid popularizing of electronics products in people’s daily life. Nowadays, Foxconn is a Fortune Global 500 company. Foxconn the leader of global computer, communication and consumer-electronics. Not only joint-design, joint-development and manufacturing, but also assembly and after-sales services for those three main aspects are all the most dependable technology support all over the world CITATION Fox13 \l 2052 (Foxconn Electronics, 2013). However, there were 12 employees of Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant in China jumped from the company building to suicide during January 23 to May 26 in 2010. It lead to 2 serious injured and 10 death in only half a year. This report aims to discuss and analyze the case of the spate of suicides in 2010 of Foxconn Technology Group. There are three parts in body paragraph. Firstly, the ethical issues will be defined by human resources theories. Some considerable problems of human resources department in developing countries will also be illustrated. Secondly, the ethical problems and some relating issues will be discussed. In addition, there is also an argument about if human resource departments follow the morally correct path and be ethically responsible or not in a large company group. Some recommendations will be offered following.

1.Theorise the ethical issues faced by the human resources department in foxconn and the human resources department of developing countries in general. Use examples from the case. i.e. The explosion, suicides, working hours. Remember not to restate the secerno to heavily, as this would be covered in both the executive summary and introduction. Foxconn is the trading name for the company called “Hon Hai precision industry Co.Ltd”, this company employes an extremely large amount of people worldwide, but has the most employed in 13 factories in China. The amount of people housed and working in foxconn factories is approximately 300,000. (Barbara Demick and David Sarno 2010). This report will be theorising,investigating and discussing the ethical issues faced by human resource management in relation to inadequate working conditions, suicides and various workplace accidents circa March 2012. employees life is substantial. They have the ability to recognise faults that would cause a lack of efficiency in the employees and have a means to...

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