Fox and Time Warner Merger

Topics: News Corporation, Fox Broadcasting Company, Time Warner Pages: 4 (1006 words) Published: January 22, 2015

21st Century Fox was considering buying Time Warner in July. It is the owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch’s, boldest bids. Murdoch “proposed an $80 million dollar takeover which would be the biggest one in history” (Merced). Time Warner, owns HBO, which in itself is valued at around $80 million, therefore, Fox did not calculate the other aspects of Time Warner; Warner declined the bid. Fox obtains a lot of different media sectors; this essay will explore the holdings and risk factors of Fox and Time Warner. Also, it will assess how the proposed merger would effect the Media environment.

21st Century Fox has holdings in a lot of cable network programming, some examples are: Fox News, Fox Business Network, Fox Sports Net (21st Century Fox 4). Fox uses their Broadcasting Company “to reach 99% of households through 18 stations” (21st Century Fox 12). Fox also has a lot of investments in televising sports. Fox Sports Net has the rights to “live broadcast the MLB, NBA, NHL, and numerous college and high school teams” (21st Century Fox 5). In addition, Fox Sports 1 broadcasts NASCAR and FIFA (21st Century Fox 5). For drama related television, Fox owns FX network, which televises Two and a Half Men (21st Century Fox 5). A subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, 20th Century Fox, (TCFTV) produces television shows such as New Girl (21st Century Fox 13). In addition, 20th Century Fox produces and distributes movies such as 12 Years a Slave and Rio 2 (21st Century Fox 13). Fox uses Internet Distribution, that “enables Fox to distribute programming through network-websites” (21st Century Fox 5). This increases the amount of accessibility to watch Fox programming.

Time Warner Inc. owns the Home Box Office, (HBO) which is a “premium pay television service” (Time Warner 1). HBO has “approximately 127 million subscribers worldwide” (Time Warner 3). In addition they own, Warner Bros, a production and distribution company that focuses on “feature film, television, and distribution.”...

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