Forgive My Guilt

Topics: Poetry, Saint Lucia, Derek Walcott Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: January 19, 2014
Le loupgarou is about old women who talked about a man(le bran) who wanted to have fortune so he made a deal with the devilbut the devil tricked him a took his soul and gave him poisoned fruit to sell that sickened the towns people and part of the devil"s trick was that the man turned into le loupgarou every night.

In this poem, the Ol' Higue tells of her frustration with her lifestyle. She does not like the fact that she sometimes has to parade around, in the form of a fireball, without her skin at night. She explains that she has to do this in order to scare people, as well as to acquire baby blood. She explains that she would rather acquire this blood via cooked food, like every-one else. Her worst complaint is the pain of salt, as well as having to count rice grains. She exhibits some regret for her lifestyle but implies that she cannot resist a baby's smell, as well as it's pure blood. The 'newness' of the baby tempts the Ol' Higue, and she cannot resist because she is an old woman who fears death, which can only be avoided by consuming the baby's blood. She affirms her usefulness in the scheme of things, however, by claiming that she provides mothers with a name for their fears (this being the death of a child), as well as some-one to blame when the evil that they wish for their child, in moments of tired frustration, is realized. She implies that she will never die, so long as women keep having babies.

Poems: ‘Ol’ Higue’ and ‘Le Loupgarou’

The what - Content:

Theme – The supernatural, stories used to explain unknown or phenomena. Beliefs held by society custom - culture Ol’ Higue – name given to woman who haunts babies – this results in sickness or death. Practices govern how this situation is treated – use of salt, rice grain and the sun. This belief has held its root and will not go away – because as long as babies get sick  and die – blame will be cast on Ol Higue. The Form – Layout of...
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