For One more Day

Topics: Mother, Family, Divorce Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: November 23, 2013
Book Review For One More Day


Chick is the eldest son of Lin and Posey Binetto. They are the four members of family including a sister who is four years younger than Lin. Chick was too much attached to his father and was daddy’s boy, but when his father left home he realized that he was actually mama’s boy. He and his family had to face tough conditions when his parents got divorced and no one knew the reason behind it. Posey had been taking care of Roberta with great care and turned out to be the best mother but Chick has been keeping his distance from his mother and never actually gave her an intention of mother. As Chick had not been taking his mother serious and never thought of her as her life instructor as he grew he turned out to be a bad man. As he grew older he became alcoholic and was living his life in regret because of his bad habits he lost his job and also lost his family. Sadness and darkness caught him more when his daughter got him out of her wedding and he tried to take his life but he couldn’t do that either. He came back to home and was stunned to see that his mother was there cooking food for them and then he realized that he actually have another chance to sit with his mother and learn why they got divorced.

Critical View:

Mitch Albom wrote this story because he wanted to highlight the relationships of Mothers and Sons. He tried to explain the relationships of mother and sons because at the back end of this story, he tried to explain his relation with his mother. In the story he has tried to explain the how children are affected by the fights of their parents and the side effects of divorce. In this book Arthur has tried to explain when parents have divorce, children are left behind and they seek love which they don’t get the way one should. The effect is not limited to the childhood but it also follows you even in the adulthood. I read this book because I found the title being very attractive and...
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