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Rose Gnatovich
The Business of Fashion
Style Sight Assignment

Footwear: Gladiatrix
“Gladiator silhouettes make a triumphant return to the runways on catwalks across the globe. Intricately woven, criss-crossed and laced upper patterns make their way to or above the knee for a progressive look. Single sole constructions boast open toe lasts, while closed, pointed toe vamps sit atop sensible platforms to create balance. Sandal silhouettes with lacing details and fringe for flair.” -Stlyesight

Buyers definition: A criss- crossed, interconnected, laced, linked, tied shoe creating an effect of a rugged old fighters shoe back in the times of the roman empire.

The History of this trend:
Once set by Alexander the great as a creation of various styles with defined uses, gladiator shoes were created with functions and tasks in mind. According to around the 4th century BCE when the age of increased wealth was upon the Roman Empire certain activities and life style changes were acquired. These changes brought about a necessary need for the creation of various sandal styles. The law put in place by Alexander the great was simply to wear the various acquired styles when there was a specific occasion or situational expectation. The sandals came about with an intention of conformability, flexibility, durableness, and could fill the basic facets of protection to the foot. The shoes purpose was to be in a hotter climate with dry and not particularly comforting weather. The shoe was made to be worn on rocky, flat, or hilly terrain and had the purpose of protecting from poisonous insects, stones, and burning the soles of the feet. The openness also allowed for cooling of the feet and allowed for more movement of the toes and arch of the foot. These shoes developed into various styles by Alexander the great however there were certain persons that the original purpose of the gladiator shoe was created for. The gladiators, for whom the shoes name came from, were men whom were trained to fight. Typically poor and on the lower rank in class these men would fight in battles, for entertainment, and for protection to stay alive. The shoes were viewed at warrior attire and took that name on until the shoe was later developed and reconfigured; becoming a popular fashion trend. The population of the ancient empire turned the traditions of ancient Greece into fashion statements. The customs of the warriors in battle and the entertainment turned into honor and tradition. Now days we support and honor that tradition through out fashion statements and industries. The current age of ancient fashion is most popular thought he means of the footwear. Gladiator shoes as stated by is “As a symbol to let us not forget the rich and vivid history of the Romans, to Gladiator Sandals define strength and power which will never go out of style and fashion.” This statement has recently been a relatable and relevant statement for the new ancient footwear trend.

Where the trend is today:
The trend has been developed, tweaked, updated, upgraded, continuously and progressively become one of the most recognized and popular trends for over 4 years. The gladiator shoe trend is picking up and has been increasingly popular since the boom of the ancient roman movie kick, as well as the historic film’s and TV shows over the past few years. The sexy stylish trend of the ancient sandal has been kicked into gear since movies like 300, Gladiator, The eagle of the 9th, Centurion, King Arthur, and shows like Spartacus, Rome and many more. With the inspiration of the movie and celebrity style this new trend continues to prosper. For instance, a New York Times article says, “Sarah Jessica Parker wore their white ankle boots in the first “Sex and the City” movie. Their gladiator sandals were so popular that in 2010 declared, “Every summer is the season of the Sigerson Morrison sandal.” This gladiator sandal was first seen in an...
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