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Topics: Southeastern Conference, Florida Gators football, American football Pages: 2 (1159 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Tiffany Henderson
ENC 1101
6 October 2014
Florida Football Players: Are They Students Athletes?
Many schools look to create the number one colligate football team in their division. From The University of Alabama, The University of Louisiana, and even here, at The University of Florida, each program strives to develop something great by recruiting players to fill holes on the team, or simply make an overall impact. However, the individual’s academic performance is sometimes over looked based on the fact that they are able to catch a ball and run. Student athletes should not only be able to perform on the field and bring money into the institution, but they should also be capable of performing in the classroom. The University of Florida over emphasizes athletics and monetary benefits, thus causing most players to suffer academically. Florida football players are true athletes. Each athlete is expected to perform at their highest ability on game day. It’s no secret that most division one athletes are at the top of their recruiting class, and are usually the best that high school football has to offer. The recruiting process is based on the hope of delivery and a win on gameday. The University of Florida gained three number one football recruits in the 2013 season including Vernon Hargreaves III. Now looking forward to 2015, Florida has set its sights on Byron Cowart, the number one player in the nation according to ESPN. Most programs look for the best of the best, and invest in players that have the ability to play on the professional level. The University of Florida is well known for its award winning program, and their ability to produce professional players. They have succeeded in developing some of the most prominent players in the NFL to include Heisman-Trophy winner Tim Tebow and NFL Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood. The university has invested time and money into each of these individuals in hopes that they will perform on game day and...
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