Football Hero

Topics: Metaphor, Simile, Poetry Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: July 31, 2010
Football Hero (

The poem football hero by Kaith Laing effectively uses literary techniques to convey a sense of not belonging for the primary feature a boy named ken, through his use of colloquialism, jargon, repetition, dialogue, metaphor, similie and sensory description the audience is communicated a changing idea from one of a warm atmosphere to feelings of exclusion and sadness of not belonging to a football team.

Through the authors use of colloquial language and jargon, the audience is given insight into the environment typical to a football team, and in particular Australian football as terms common to Australian culture such as the use of “mate” and “gidday”, set the scene as a friendly warm atmosphere and sets a very casual tone to the poem. This also effectively adds depth to the poem and provides a sense of realism for society and common occurances in today’s society. The colloquial language is primarily used in dialogue such as in the third stanza where it says “Gidday! Kenny! Good ter see yer, mate!”, through the dialogue we are again shown insight into the character who appears to be a stereotype of a football player and reflects the laid back attitude of a typical Australian. Jargon such as “ruckman”, “weave and duck and kick” allow for further description and expression of the theme of football, which provides authenticity to the poem and to the casual tone of the poem which shows the setting to be friendly demonstrating feelings of belonging and comfort in this environment.

Laing effectively uses metaphors, personification and similies to convey the idea of in the beginning a warm atmosphere which reflects the themes of the poem to a changed scene which reflects exclusion and conveys a sense of not belonging. In the beginning of the poem typical aspects of the routine of a football player are described and the setting is further set changing from being on the field to a locker room where it says “bare bums smiled like kids”, this simile...
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