Food in America: a Controversy

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Food in America: A controversy
It is often said that, “You are what you eat,” food is an essential provision that cannot be taken for granted. The access for food is crucial and the food people put in their body is significant. Food determines various aspect of the human body such as, body shape, production of energy and ultimately overall health. The American lifestyle is based on time, speed and efficiency; therefore the American people tend to be oblivious on what they put inside their body. Society in America, particularly poor people, are forced to live in an environment where food leads to obesity or health problems, and the rich gain more access on fresh, healthy diet with low fat and salt. American’s perspective on time has dramatically transformed the way they eat and how they eat food. Instead of viewing food as a substance to be delight in, the appreciation for food has deteriorated, in other words, food has become a “means” to an end. Food is the ultimate hot-button issue because everyone eats it and no one wants to feel guilty about what they’re eating. Food can be as sensitive a subject as religion or politics. Ultimately, as the passion and eagerness for food in America increases, it becomes difficult to bridge the gap of feeding America with healthy nutritious diet.

It has become common today to dismiss the issue of financial barrier as an agent that promotes unhealthy food consumption. Although both have similar and contrasting ideas, in their recent work, Lisa Miller and locavore hero Michael Pollan have offered harsh critiques of American eaters. While Miller emphasized the long distance bridge between upper class Pasaribu2

“foodies” and the lower class food insecurity, Pollan traces the history of food admiration and various American mental outlook toward foods, diet and eating across the past century, attributed the American mania for sudden change of diets and neglect of sensible, life-long nutrition to the American idolization of...
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