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Topics: Sentence, Grammatical modifier, Dangling modifier Pages: 5 (1316 words) Published: June 23, 2012



Departamenti i Studimeve Angleze dhe Amerikane

Subject: Stylistics

Academic Year 2010 – 2011

June 3d, 2011

Pedagogu i Lëndës

Nivis Deda

Drejtori i Departamentit

Dr. Meri Guli

______________________________________________________________________________ Student’s name :

Test A
Exercise 1. Put in semicolons, colons, dashes, quotation marks, Italics (use an underline), and parentheses where ever they are needed in the following sentences. 1. The men in question Harold Keene, Jim Peterson, and Gerald Greene deserve awards. 2. Several countries participated in the airlift Italy, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. 3. Only one course was open to us surrender, said the ex-major, and we did. 4. Judge Carswell later to be nominated for the Supreme Court had ruled against civil rights. 5. In last week's New Yorker, one of my favorite magazines, I enjoyed reading Leland's article How Not to Go Camping. 6. Yes, Jim said, I'll be home by ten.

7. There was only one thing to do study till dawn.
8. Montaigne wrote the following A wise man never loses anything, if he has himself. 9. The following are the primary colors red, blue, and yellow. 10. Arriving on the 8 10 plane were Liz Brooks, my old roommate her husband and Tim, their son. Exercise 2. In the following sentences put in quotation marks wherever they are needed, and underline words where italics are needed. 1. Mary is trying hard in school this semester, her father said. 2. No, the taxi driver said curtly, I cannot get you to the airport in fifteen minutes. 3. I believe, Jack remarked, that the best time of year to visit Europe is in the spring. At least that's what I read in a book entitled Guide to Europe. 4. My French professor told me that my accent is abominable. 5. She asked, Is Time a magazine you read regularly?

6. Flannery O'Connor probably got the title of one of her stories from the words of the old popular song, A Good Man Is Hard to Find.

Exercise 3. Place commas wherever they are needed in the following sentences. 1. There was no question that John's painting a huge colorful and ugly mural was the worst entry in the art exhibit. 2. Werner von Braun Willy Ley and Edward Teller noted authorities in the field of rocket development have done much to guide the missile program of the United States. 3. Mr. Cready's ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time is I believe amazing. 4. Running around the house the dog was abruptly stopped by a fence. 5. If the opposition should win our candidate would never have any political future. 6. Gracefully lightly and daintily the ballerina moved across the stage. 7. Glamour the woman's fashion magazine recently incorporated with Charm another fashion journal. 8. Joe was born on May 7 1955 and his best friend was born exactly two months later on July 7 1955. 9. Mr. and Mrs. Kwon my parents' best friends sat in front of us at the football game. 10. November 11 1918 the armistice ending World War I was signed.

Exercise 4. Identify each of the following as a fragment (FR) or a complete sentence (OK). Correct the fragments. ____ 1. Asia which developed much earlier than the West.
____ 2. Asia is the most populous continent.
____ 3. People there who invented writing and created literature. ____ 4. The birthplace of the major religions of the world.
____ 5. Cultural differences exist in Taiwan.
Exercise 5. Next to each sentence write D (for dangling modifier), M (for misplaced modifier) and OK (for correct sentences). Correct the sentences with modifier problems. 1. Late again, there was no time for breakfast.

2. Racking up points, the video-game player was close to setting a new record. 3. Bathed, clipped, and perfumed, she allowed the dog to enter the house again. 4. We guessed...
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