Foam Concrete

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Foam concrete advantages
Foam Concrete is normal concrete with bubbles of air inside. Therefore it has the same characteristics with many additional advantages. CLC (foam concrete) blocks are used for building cottages, wall insulation in multistory buildings and internal partitions. Also CLC can be produced and poured for floors and roofs on-site. In roofs it can be used because of very good insulating and lightweight. For floors CLC offers faster installation and a less expensive option because of the flowing and self-leveling properties. CLC is easy to produce using our portable process machine. The ingredients are cement, sand, water and foaming agent. The components are mixed in machine and in this mix added the foam that produced in special foam generator that attached to machine. The produced foam concrete pour into the special moulds for blocks or on the floor (roof) on the construction site. It poured by hose, that attached to machine. You don’t need any additional devices to transfer foam concrete from machine to moulds to floor (roof). Our company offer equipment, ingredients and full technology for producing foam concrete. We can provide our clients with full set of equipment and they immediately after delivering can start production of foam concrete blocks or pour it on construction site. We offer different sets of equipment. We have sets for countries with major part of hand labor and sets for countries where better to use automatic equipment. For hot continental climate CLC (foam concrete) is ideal material. In Kazachstan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan our clients already successfully use foam concrete. In countries with hot continental climate usually very hot during the day and cold in the night. So at afternoon outside surface of wall can have a temperature about +90 C, and in the night about + 10. Because of this you have to built thick walls or use conditioner all day long. The foam concrete can keep ideal temperature inside the house all day with only 40 centimeters wall’s thick. For countries with tropical climate CLC (foam concrete) is ideal material. In India, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa Foam our clients already successfully use foam concrete. Foam concrete is extremely water resistance material. It can float over 30 days in water, before go down. Also this material can’t be eaten by insects and mice. For countries with cold climate CLC (foam concrete) is ideal material. In Canada, Russia, Ukraine our clients already successfully use foam concrete . In countries with cold climate most of energy is spent to heating. So, usually, houses are built with thick walls or with 2 layers – brick and thermal insulation. With foam concrete it is possible to use only 1 material for all house – for walls, internal walls, floor and roof. As a result you will have very durable and solid house. This house will be warm because foam concrete is very effective isolating material. For example in northern Russia it is enough to make walls only 40 centimeters thick. Below you can find all the advantages of foam concrete.

Foam Concrete is very long-lived material. After producing it in first 90 years it increases solidity. It does not decompose and is as durable as rock. RESISTANCE TO COLD AND WARMTH
Foam Concrete is very effective isolating material. Buildings constructed from foam concrete are able to accumulate cold or heat, which allows to greatly minimizing conditioning or heating expenses. It is ideal material for countries with hot and cold climate and it is successfully used in Australia, India, Malaysia, Canada, Sweden, Russia and other countries. MICROCLIMATE

Foam concrete control air humidity in a room by absorbing and output of moisture during the day and night. Also in foam concrete houses is favorable average temperature during the day. For example if in the night temperature is about 0 Celsius and in the day about +50 the average temperature in the house will be about + 19 Celsius. FASTER...
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