fly in the ointment

Topics: Faces, Face, Family Pages: 3 (1273 words) Published: August 25, 2014
The fly in the ointment
1. Explore the condition of the Factory and of the father as the son arrives The condition of the father and the factory when the son arrives where regrettable, it was hardly for the son to recognize the factory, as there was nothing inside it. As seen in this lines: ¨this had been the machine- room, before the machines where gone. Moreover through the factory are empty shells, the sign outside the entrance to the factory is freshly painted and the brass plaque outside the office is shining. The father was acting in a melancholic way, acting shyly nervous and very polite with his son. In addition he acts as if nothing has happened, as if everything was fine. As seen in the following lines ¨ things are fine, I feel they are fine, I know they are fine¨ 2. Explore the particular relationship of tension between father and son The relationship between Harold and his father isn’t the best, when they are together we can almost get the visual image of the tension that both generates as they talk to each other. This could be for many reasons. In my opinion it seems that Harold´s father was absent as he spent thirty years of his life in the business and marred the relationship as he is obsessed with money, instead of being a family man. As seen in the following lines: ¨it was his father last day at his factory, the last day of thirty years¨. This leads Harold to feel resentful of his father, but at the same time he tries to get closer, looking for a father figure, ¨I must see him”. But later, when he arrives the atmosphere becomes uncomfortable and their behaviors with each other are quite formal, as to business man talking not as father and son. As we can see in this lines ¨have a cup¨ ¨no thanks¨ said the son ¨I just had tea¨. They are very polite between each other; this shows us that they are very distant. In addition we can notice that they don’t know very well each other, while in this conversation Harold discover lots of things about his...
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