Fitts Law

Topics: Baseball, Strike zone, Knitting Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Lab 2: Fitts’ Law and Motor control
4| 0.4|
3| 0.31|
2| 0.24|
3| 0.45|
2| 0.32|
1| 0.25|
2| 0.4|
1| 0.33|
0| 0.23|

1. A measurement of the difficulty of performing an aiming movement. It states that the difficulty of a movement is mostly correlated with the distance a limb moves and the narrowness of the target. 2. Distance had a little to no effect on movement time for my data. The size of the target had a huge impact on movement time. The smaller the target is the less number of taps, therefore a greater movement time. The larger the target is the greater number of taps, therefore less movement time. The relationship between movement time and index of difficulty is direct. My findings do not completely support the Fitts’ law because although the size of the target effected movement time, the distance between the targets didn’t effect movement time. 3. If the strike zone increased there would be an increase in strikes and a decrease in balls. This would give the pitcher a greater advantage because it would be easier to throw strikes. The Pitchers accuracy demands would decrease and therefore they would be able to throw more frequently. Baseball would be a faster game due to the fact that there would be less hits and quicker outs. If the strike zone decreased there would be an increase in hits and balls. Pitchers would have a harder time throwing strikes because the accuracy demands would be increased. The accuracy demands would be increased so pitchers would not be able to throw as frequently. Baseball would have higher scoring games because this would give the batters an advantage. Also the amount of walk would increase significantly.
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