Firefighting and Bunker Gear

Topics: Firefighting, September 11 attacks, Volunteer fire department Pages: 2 (876 words) Published: December 11, 2013
While thousands of us were helping dig through pounds of the fallen down towers a Cheif came up to 15 of us and told us to go home for the night and to return in the morning. 30-45 mins later I got home to my wife and children. I sat at the table with my wife while eating the dinner she had made hours before my arive home. I could tell that my wife was worried and wanted to talk to me, but all I wanted to do was eat and go to bed. As soon as I finished I put my dish in the sink and walked away to the bedroom. I didn't want to be bothered, I just wanted to be alone to get the horrifying picture of the towers collapsing out of my head. I sat on the edge of the bed watching my children across the hall sleeping in their beds. As my wife came into the room I got up to use the restroom. When I came back she had the bed read for me to go to sleep. As I layed there in the dark I couldn't stop thinking about what had happend today. I, Kevin Murray, choose to work on 9/11. I had to pay back the city shift, but i knew because i was paying back the tore i was the seventh guy that day that i was going to work in a diffrent fire house. As i got to 18 Trucks they were ready to respond already. I put my bunker gear on and responded with them. While we were on the FDR drive the second plane hit, then we knew it wasnt a accident anymore. As we approched we saw peices of the plane and other things. We parked under the pedestrian bridge and went into the North Tower. It was more then a normal fire, it was 10-15 storys of raging. The civilians were calm as we spread out, we moved them through the stair well. It was fairly calm inside, as for out side it was much more dangerous, because of the "Jumpers" coming down. It was hard to hear the thumps because you didnt know what it was. These poor people had no chance. How bad does it have to be for someone to do that? Its not like they thought they were going to live by doing it. It was just so bad that they had to choose to do that....
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