Financial Analysis

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procter & gamble v/s Uniliver
Project Report
Financial Analysis
Section (A)

Table of Contents
Business Vision5
Mission Statement6
Brands of Uniliver6
Business Vision7
Mission Statement7
Uniliver Financial Statements Ratios Analysis (2012 v/s 2013)8 Information to Management8
1.Operational Analysis8
Gross Margin8
Profit Margin8
2.Resource Management8
Asset turnover8
Working capital Management9
Operating cycle9
Inventory Turnover9
Receivables Period9
Cash Cycle9
Payable period9
Return on Asset9
Return on Assets before Interest and Taxes10
Information to Owners10
1.Investment Return10
Return on Equity10
Earnings per Share10
2.Disposition of Earnings11
Dividends per Share11
Dividend Yield11
3.Market Performance11
Price/earnings Ratio11
Information to Lenders/Creditors11
Current Ratio11
Acid Test/ Quick Ratio12
Cash Ratio12
2.Financial Leverage12
Debt to Assets12
Debt to Equity12
3.Debt Service13
Interest Coverage13
Uniliver Cash Sources and Usages (2012-2013)13
P&G Financial Statements Ratios Analysis (2012 v/s 2013)14
Information to Management14
1.Operational Analysis14
Gross Margin14
Profit Margin14
2.Resource Management15
Asset turnover15
Operating cycle15
Inventory Turnover15
Receivables Period15
Cash Cycle15
Payable period16
Return on Asset16
Return on Assets before Interest and Taxes16
Information to Owners16
1.Investment Return16
Return on Equity16
Earnings per Share17
2.Disposition of Earnings17
Dividends per Share17
Dividend Yield17
3.Market Performance18
Price/earnings Ratio18
Information to Lenders/Creditors18
Current Ratio18
Acid Test/ Quick Ratio18
Cash Ratio19
2.Financial Leverage19
Debt to Assets19
Debt to Equity19
3.Debt Service19
Interest Coverage19
P&G Cash Sources & Usages (2012-2013)20
Uniliver v/s Procter & Gamble Graphs20
For Management…20
For Owners…22
For Lenders/ Creditors…23

First of all, we are thankful to almighty ALLAH, who has given us the strengths and determination to carry out this project. We would like to put across our sincere appreciation to our respected teacher “Ms. ********” for his helpful assistance, helpful comments and constant support throughout the project. Beyond of all the material available, we are very thankful to our respected resource hub “Google” and New York Stock Exchange, Uniliver & P&G..

Unilever was founded in 1929 by the merger of the British soap maker Lever Brothers and the Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie. During the second half of the 20th century the company increasingly diversified from being a maker of products made of oils and fats, and expanded its operations worldwide. It has made numerous corporate acquisitions, including Lipton (1971), Brooke Bond (1984), Chesebrough-Ponds (1987), Best Foods and Ben & Jerry's (2000), and Alberto-Culver (2010). Unilever divested its specialty chemicals businesses to ICI in 1997. According to the Unilever Global website, the headquarters are located at Unilever House, in London, though other offices are located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Introduction

Unilever is an Anglo–Dutch multinational consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, England and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Its products include food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. It is the world's third-largest consumer goods company measured by 2012 revenue, after Procter & Gamble and Nestlé. One of the oldest multinational companies, its products are available in around 190 countries. Unilever owns over 400 brands, but...
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