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This report shows the operations of the business Sprezzatura Coffee Sdn. Bhd. which is based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor (refer to appendix B). Sprezzatura is not just a normal café as it is also a roastery which basically means a place where coffees are roasted (, 2014). Being the only café opened in Phileo Damansara I building has made it an instant hit among the businessman and woman and employees that works in the building. Sprezzatura has created a nice ambience especially for their target consumer which is employees to enjoy their coffee and relax after work or during their breaks. To understand more about the business, researches on operations of Sprezzatura were conducted which is the main purpose of the report. Throughout the research period, there are several areas provided by the business that helped us analyze the operations. These area includes the marketing strategy, communication internal and externally and problems that Sprezzatura faced, facing and what they expect to face. Recommendations that suit the problems are also given to overcome the problems. Pictures and other data are provided in the report to give a clear understanding. At the end of this report, readers are able to identify the importance of communication and marketing strategy in a business and also steps of how to overcome the problems.

Figure 1: Sprezzatura Coffee, Phileo Damansara 1, Petaling Jaya

Sprezzatura Coffee was founded on 14th of August 2013 by two young entrepreneurs, who are driven by their passion for good coffee and roastery. The two entrepreneurs are Zharif bin Abdul Aziz and Mirwan Badri bin Ahmad Badri. They are close friends since high school and had a vision after they graduated college to start a café business in Malaysia. Sprezzatura is actually one of the earliest café to be open up in Malaysia and it is also one of the very few cafes that actually do their own roasting and supply their coffee beans to other cafes. Sprezza short for Sprezzatura is actually derived from an Italian word that means doing something well without much effort (Urban Dictionary, 2014). This characterize perfectly with how their coffees are crafted. The main reason why they pursued this business was because of their passion of coffee. After long brainstorming and discussion, they discovered that they can monetize their passion. Sprezzatura first started when they both were studying in the United Kingdom and they have adapted the coffee lifestyle there and fell in love with it therefore the idea of Sprezzatura was born. It took them more than a year to plan and develop the business plan and by the time they opened their café, the coffee business were slowly raising from beneath the ground. They took a long time planning because they want to ensure that everything is planned well, able to manage the risk and uncertainties and most importantly develop model that will give them and their investors the best returns. There are actually two parts of Sprezzatura which is roastery and café. Roastery is like I have mentioned above is roasting their own coffee beans and supplying them to other cafes whereas café is the basic restaurant retail food and beverages business. At first, they did not start the roastery straight away because they want to focus more on café. This is because they want the operation to be smooth in term of finding the right people for the job. Other than that, they wanted to gain trust to coffee drinkers and market their product along the way. Sprezzatura is located at Phileo Damansara I, 46530 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The map to Sprezzatura is shown in appendix B. The reason of location is because the rent is cheap and the place is big enough to store the machines for roastery and also provides a good place for a café business.

3.1 Product
Basically, Sprezzatura Café is not only a café but also do they supply freshly...
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