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How to make friends and Influence people
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a.) Part 1 : Show Respect for the Other Person’s opinion . . . . . . . . . . 1 (Analogy Essay)
b.) Part 2 : Smile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 (Narrative Essay)
c.) Part 3 : Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 (Definition Essay)

Show Respect for the Other Person’s opinion

Respect is like a mirror, what you do to it, is what’s reflected unto you. Showing respect is one of the basic things that we were taught of when we were young. Therefore, it’s a set rule that one must show respect to others, it’s only common sense for us. When we show respect to others, they are given the obligation to show respect as well, such is the way of communication. If respect isn’t presented in a conversation, it is meaningless and you can only learn very little of it. This is because people tend to disregard another person’s opinion if he/she shows no respect whatsoever to the speaker. One must first respect another’s opinion before one can be shown the same, it is also better for us to acknowledge their opinions so that we, ourselves can learn from it.

There are only a few minor differences between a mirror and respect. Mirrors are objects, they are materials. While respect, is a feeling of admiration to another’s qualities. It is a privilege given to a speaker, a right to be heard and understood. Another is that, a mirror is blank, plain and just a reflection. Respect on the other hand, can be even greater than just a reflection for it is classified as admiration, in which we can gradually improve, depending on the person.

A good similarity between a mirror and respect is their fragileness. Like mirrors, respect is also fragile. They tend to get shattered when the other person’s disrespecting the speaker, there are plenty of ways to shatter a man’s respect for another man, and disrespecting is one of them. Another similar quality is their reflection. Mirrors reflect one’s self, for example, if we try to dress up as a rude, disgusting individual, the mirror will only reflect that same image to us. Same goes with respect, if we do not show respect to another, we ourselves will be treated the same way. One other good similarity is their quality to be distributed equally to others. We can show everyone respect, as well as mirrors, we can make other people see themselves just by showing them the mirror. What I mean is, we can show other people respect by respecting their decisions and opinions, this is a given to further our knowledge and better our understanding. In this way, the speaker and the receiver will both be benefited by the conversation. With these facts, we can easily conclude that respect is an important factor when it comes to communication. For one cannot understand a statement/opinion fully if they do not respect the other person. Both parties are obliged to respect one another’s opinions, because if they don’t it will only result in an argument, and that will only end with a conflict between the two and possibly affecting their relationship. We must always remember that each are entitled to their own opinions, we have no right to change their methods and way of thinking. The only...
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