Final Holiday Homework Class 8 1

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Holiday Homework Class- VIII
1. Write 20 idioms and 20 phrases and learn their meanings.
2. Search five English poems full of similie and create five more using same poetic device. 3. Prepare a book review of Ch-1 from the novel ‘Shakespear’ and read all the chapters. 4. Write on coloured sheet, Verbs and their meanings with forms (Present & Past Participle in a tabular form). 5. Write difficult word meaning in the Phonics Books till page No. 24. Activity Based Learning:

Make a collage of the places you visit in holidays and write their description. From the English newspaper ‘The Hindu Tuesday Edition’. Read the article ‘Know your English. Pick out difficult words from it (At least 10 from each article) and categorize them under P.O.S in a tabular form.


1) Write different mathematical puzzles. Also write the rules for solving them and give one solved example.(at least 5) 2) Do practice of Ch 6, 9. (Try these questions from NCERT Book & anyone extra book) 3) Use your creativity: to 15 : Write and compare all the properties of rational numbers and integers.
R. no. 16 to 30 : Write all definitions and important key terms of chapter coming in SA-1. R. no. 31 Onwards : Collect information about how linear equations came into use and when did they were used for the first time and who develop them. Also paste related picture. Activity Based Learning:

( - 15) Make flash cards identities of ch-9.
( - 30) Types of quadrilateral and their properties. ( Onwards) Different methods of finding square root and cube root.

1. Write difficult words along with their meanings of following chapters (History, Geography, Civics CH-1, 2 and 3). 2. Revise C.D questions of F.A.-II syllabus and make 10 M.C.Qs of each chapter. Activity Based Learning:

Select any one national park on biosphere reserve and prepare a project on it (Hint : Name of the state , how to get there , appropriate...
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