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Topics: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Allan Quatermain Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: June 15, 2013
Captain Nemo! The Invisible Man! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! Intrepid explorer Allan Quatermain, and Mina Harker. These and other amazing heroes create The League of Extraordinary gentlemen, who are teamed up in order to fight The Fantom, a cunning and highly dangerous nemesis who possesses advanced weaponry and is intent on starting the next world war. Lead by renowned adventurer Allan Quatermain, the League must use their exceptional powers to ensure that The Fantom’s plans for world domination do not come to fruition. At the turn of the century, Venice in 1899 is cheery and full of happiness, until the Fantom striked. Buildings are falling like dominoes and are shrouded in mystery. Dark and gloomy, water splashes everywhere, a set that the Fantom was pleased to see! The league Sooner realized their powers and abilities and that get blown out of proportion and the league finds that they’ve have been betrayed by their own, Dorian Gray. The league managed to succeed in saving Venice from M attempts to destroy it, and Quatermain managing to unmask him, compromising his M identity, but when Dorian Gray and Moriarty fled in a stolen Nautiloid (one of the great submarine's escape crafts), Skinner managed to sneak on board and accompany them. Showing that is League of Extraordinary gentlemen indeed extraordinary! Allan Quartermain, once known as Britannia’s greatest hero, had slipped away from the Empire. His final adventure had cost him his only son, whom he’d promised to protect, sending Allan off to retirement in Kenya. However, when a criminal known as the Fantom brought Europe to the brink of war, a representative of the British government was sent to recruit Quartermain to head a new incarnation of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The Leagues unique adventures had protected England out the many centuries. At first Quartermain refused to take the mission ,but later was drawn back into action to save the Empire. He came to enjoy his new adventure, not...
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