Fii-Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering

Topics: Transformer, Electric motor, Electrical generator Pages: 13 (2771 words) Published: September 1, 2013

1. An electrical component is connected across a 120 volt,60Hz,AC supply.What is the current drawn by the component if the impedance is 200 ohms? Ans: 0.060 Amperes

2. A lamp has a source voltage of 110 volts and a current of 0.9 amps. What is the resistance of the lamp?
Ans: 122.22 Ohms

3. What power would be consumed in each of the branch resistors of the circuit if the source is 30 volts, the resistance for R1 is 10 ohms,R2 is 10 ohms,R3 is 10 ohms are connected in series?

Ans: 10 Watts

4. If an AC motor is started and produces 25 horsepower,the KW meter reading will increase by:
Ans: 18.65 Kw

5. Which of the following formulas listed is correct for determining the power? Ans: P=(E)(E)/R

6. A magnetic blow out coil in a DC motor controller contactor functions to: Ans: Prevent contact melting

7. The device most commonly utilizing the principle of electromagnetic induction is: Ans: Transformer

8. A current at which a magnetic-type overload relay tends to trip may be decrease by raising the plunger further into the magnetic circuit of the relay.This action will: Ans: Increases magnetic pull on the plunger and requires more current to trip the relay

9. A dashpot mechanism in a magnetic-type,time delay overload relay functions to: Ans: Prevent the relay from operating when normally large starting currents are encountered

10. The opposition to the establishment of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic circuit is called the circuit’s:
Ans: Reluctance

11. The basic control action of a magnetic amplifier depends upon: Ans: Changes in inductance

12. The purpose of a magnetic type relay is to:
Ans: Remotely open and close contacts

13. During it’s operation,chattering of the contacts in a circuit breaker,or the humming of the magnetic relay may be caused by:
Ans: Overheating of the contactor coil

14. When troubleshooting a magnetic controller,it is found that the contacts are welded together.The most probable cause is:
Ans: Low voltage on the operating coil

15. To correct residual magnetism in a self-excited DC generator,you must: Ans: Insulate the brushes from the commutator and flash the field

16. Before using a multimeter all purpose electric measuring instrument,using internal batteries to supply power for resistance measurements,you should FIRST: Ans: Select the proper resistance range

17. The twisting action of the force developed by a motor and applied to a shaft is: Ans: Torque

18. The field strength of a ship’s service DC generator is adjusted by varying the: Ans: Resistance in the field

19. The speed of a squirrel-cage,multi-speed,induction motor,as used aboard ship,is varied by changing the:
Ans: Number of connected poles in the stator

20. You are calibrating a multimeter used for electric circuits using its internal batteries to supply power for resistance measurements.However,you are unable to adjust the pointer to “ZERO” using the adjustment knob.Therefore,you should: Ans: Replace the batteries in the instrument

21. The polarity of the pole pieces of a self excited DC generator has been lost.Properly flashing the field will result in:
Ans: Restoration of proper residual magnetism

22. The most practical method uses for resurfacing a ship’s service generator commutator is to:
Ans: Use a grinding rig

23. An open shunt field in a direct current machine may be located by connecting...
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