Fight of Great Personalities Against the System

Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: March 6, 2013
If you believed in something, would you give it up just to follow the crowd? Would you lie to yourself just to blend in? When Martin Luther king fought for rights of African Americans, he did just the opposite of that, as did Rosa Parks. In Long Walk to Freedom: Autobiography of Nelson Mandela by Nelson Mandela, he says “…when a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” This quote could have many different meanings depending on your point of view, but I have my own interpretation. This quote proves that if someone has a belief that isn’t allowed based on someone’s religion, or the country they live in, they have no choice but to turn against those people. You could change your beliefs to match that group of people, but then you aren’t being true to yourself. My belief in this statement shows that everyone should be able to believe in what they want, not in what everyone else believes in. Two films we watched this year that support my theory are Snow White and the Huntsman, directed by Rupert Sanders and released in 2012 and Iron- Jawed Angels, directed by Katja Van Garnier and release in 2004. These two films both portray strong women standing up for what they believe in and being very defiant. In Iron- Jawed Angels, Alice Paul loses her right to fight for women’s rights, but she continues to try and stand up. Snow White loses all of her freedom when she is locked up for almost her whole childhood. These defiant women both were “denied the right to live the life they believe in”, and they fought against it. Not being able to live your life the way you would like to is something I have never experienced, but Snow White experiences is firsthand in an extreme way. Her step-mother, Ravenna, takes away her freedom by locking her up for most of her childhood. Snow white isn’t allowed to live her life how she wants to, but how she is allowed to, being held hostage. The movie depicts everything as very dark...
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