Fields in Psychology

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Fields in Psychology| Definition|
Abnormal Psychology| It is the study of abnormal behavior. It is actually a branch of psychology that deals with the study of abnormal behavioral patterns and their causes. | Psychology of Addiction| A complete dependence on a certain substance or drug is known as addiction. Both physiological and psychological factors can lead to addiction. The psychology of addiction analyzes these factors and attempts to find ways of controlling addiction. The study of this field of psychology is closely related to rehabilitation and community psychology, and is of help in counseling the addicts to start a new life.| Psychology of Advertising| Advertising is largely based on customer behavior. Marketing strategies aim at tapping the customers' emotions in order to make them feel compelled to buy the product. Psychology of advertising involves the analysis of customer behavior and how promotional techniques change it. This field involves the study of advertising techniques and how they affect market trends.| Psychology of Altruism| Altruism is a selfless concern towards the welfare of others. The psychology of altruism involves the analysis of factors that make an individual selfless. Psychologists believe that altruistic behavior is a part of how we evolved. They say, we are born with this feeling, which, by nature, makes us feel concerned about others.| Psychology of Ambition| Ambition is associated with one's need of achievement. Heinz Kohut developed the psychology of self, which studies the system of ambitions and ideals. The psychology of ambition studies the process by which ambition is generated in an individual and how it dictates the way he/she behaves.| Animal Psychology| This is another interesting field of psychology that deals with the emotional state and behavioral traits of animals. It is believed that animals react to stimuli in a trial and error manner and that their behavior is mostly unintentional. The study of animal psychology aims at understanding how animals behave in different situations and how their emotions and reflexes vary.| Art Psychology| Art is the manifestation of human creativity. The art forms a person is interested in and the way he/she portrays them, is closely associated with his/her personality. The psychology of art tries to analyze the characteristics of art and its production.| Psychology of Atheism| This field analyzes the intriguing question of whether God exists. Atheism is defined as disbelief in God. The psychology of atheism tries to understand the factors that lead to disbelief in God.| Psychology of Attraction| What makes a person attract to another? What role does attraction play in a lasting relationship? The psychology of attraction attempts to answer these questions and analyzes the factors governing relationships between human beings.| Aviation Psychology| During air travel, changes in one's spacial orientation lead to an altered psychological state and mental stress. The field of aviation psychology deals with the psychological changes that take place when flying. It caters to solving psychological problems related to aviation and air traffic control. | Psychology of Beauty| The perception of beauty differs from one individual to another. What appeals to one person may not appeal to another. What makes things beautiful? How does the human mind perceive beauty? The psychology of beauty attempts to find an answer to questions like these and tries to analyze whether beauty is an abstract feeling, whether it is based on personal judgment and how it leads to joy.| Psychology of Behavior| This is a very important field of psychology that deals with the analysis of behavioral patterns in human beings. It studies the factors that influence the different types of behavior in individuals. Behaviorism is based on the principle that behavior is acquired. This field of psychology tries to analyze how behavioral patterns are...
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