Field Day Essay

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Royal Marines Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Pvt. Yepezhinojosa, Tomas

Field day essay

I am presented here today with this essay because I made a very bad decision on the whole aspect of field-day inspection. As I now know, field day is crucial and essential to new and old Marines. It helps biuild and maintain dicipline and character. In my failing to field day as Staff Sergeant Shake instructed me to do so, I showed him that I am not dependable. I showed lack of Dependability. And by doing so, he has every right to believe that I can not be relied upon to perform my duties properly or that I cannot be trusted to complete a job. I must consistantly put forth my best effort in an attempt to achieve the highest standards of performance and I should also carry out every task to the best of my abilities regardless of wether I like it or not. For all of us new Marines, the Marine Corps shouldn't be hard at all. All we have to do is follow simple instructions, do nothing more or do nothing less. Simple enough. But there is always at least just that one Marine that is the blue falcon. In todays case it was almost every one in 3.0 series. A simple task such as field-day isn't one to be taken lightly. This task is one of many tasks, that the Marine corps has to offer, that is a stepping stone to success in our young Marine Corps career. When field-day is applied to the "bigger picture", the larger picture being a combat environment, you will realize that field-day ain't no joke! Field-day is about mission accomplishment, attention to detail, and discipline. Today I let my teammates down and they are paying the consequences with me. I forgot to wipe the sink this morning after I was done using it because I was running late but thats no excuse. I could have waken up a bit earlier but what's done is done. Also by not field-daying correctly I could be an integrity violator. When we field-day, we are expected to know how to field day because we were alteady told how...
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