Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Outline

Topics: Mental retardation, Fetal alcohol syndrome, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: December 5, 2013
My specific purpose is to inform my audience about the effects of alcohol on the fetus, the many effects and harms associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

l.how consuming alcohol affects a fetus
A.Definition of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
1. Use Medical encyclopedia example
2. When you drink, the baby drinks too, not well for developing organs and brain cells. B.There are no safe levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy 1.The more alcohol consumed the greater the effects.

2.Any amount can be damaging and kill brain cells.
C.Alcohol consumption is particularly harmful in the first trimester because during the time the fetus is developing vital organs
1.However, at any stage of pregnancy, alcohol can have harmful effects on developing brain ll.There are many effects and harms associated with Fetal alcohol syndrome A.Article on Mayo Clinic, sign of fetal alcohol syndrome may include 1. Deformities of joints, limbs, and fingers

2. Slow physical growth before and after birth
3. Vision difficulties or hearing problems
4. Small head circumference and brain size
5. Poor coordination
6. Mental retardation and delayed development
7. Learning disorders
8. Abnormal behaviors, such as a short attention span, hyperactivity, poor impulse control, extreme nervousness and anxiety 9. Heart defects and more
B.Individuals with this syndrome also have distinct facial feature
1. Small eyes
2.Exceptionally thin upper lip
3.Short, upturned nose
4.Smooth skin surface between the nose and upper lip
lll. No cure for individuals with F.A.S, and there is relatively little that can be done as treatment. A. Damage is irreversible
B. Physical complications such as heart problems may require surgery C. Families of individuals with F.A.S benefit from counseling D. Special services in schools can help individuals with...
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