Feasibility Case Study: VideoLAN

Topics: Media player, VLC media player, Mac OS X Pages: 6 (1543 words) Published: April 2, 2013
I. Introduction

As mentioned in our case study of VideoLAN and it’s application, VLC Media Player, we discussed how it’s features and unconditional codecs made it easier for users to play or stream varied video and audio formats. Today, millions of people around the world are downloading this player onto their computers to play their favorite audio and video files in almost all formats. This media player is packed with numerous functions and features.

This media player is not just for music or videos but it can also play any kind of media files on it. You will never find such flexibility with other types of media players. It is really convenient that you can enjoy the latest technology in media players by using VLC player without paying any charges as it comes totally free. You can get hundreds of skins for this media player on internet that you can use for personalizing it to your liking. Aside from this, VLC player uses just minimal resources on your computer without occupying any excess disk space. You can easily modify your PC into just one application source of entertainment, also with this media player you watch or stream the latest video and audio available in the internet directly. With an easy installation and totally free features and it also applies with all major OS, this is the software that you should immediately download and install. 

However, VLC, as with any other software programs, has its own share of drawbacks. We made a research on this based on personal use from us and from other users too who have used it and we found that some of it’s features and functions are in need of improvements that VideoLAN can make or take notice. The following will present our take on the improvements with one of the most widely used media player today. Discussions will also take on the difference between the VLC media player and other existing and popular media players available today.

II. Overview

VLC’s Key and Existing Features

* Versatilty – As said previously, this is the main feature of this player you can play almost whatever you want. Any format or any codec no converter needed; they will play in VLC. It also has the ability to read disk images (iso) and play it directly.

* Simplicity – It can be used by any users computer literate or not, it can be used without any glitch. * Equalizer and Filter – one of the problems we always encounter when watching movies is the audio and image, sometimes sounds in movies are too quiet during conversations then it becomes really loud in other parts or sometimes the screen is too small or out of size, VLC has an equalizer for both audio and image.

* Skins – you can change the default skin with your liking

* Portability – it functions with all operating system, which include MAC, Windows, Linux, Vista etc.

* Network/Internet Streaming – It can stream youtube and other online audios and videos over HTTP, UTP protocol etc.

III. Possible Improvements
All of its default settings makes VLC download very much suitable to be used on any OS. The moment we speak of its playback options there will definitely be a few drawbacks. VLC media player certainly is designed such that it is very much efficient in playing any file type but still there are a few codes and file extension types that might in fact not be supported by VLC. There are a few formats that need codec settings before you can actually play it directly using VLC.


Description - wikipedia
Main interfaces
* VLC has four main graphical interfaces:
* The Qt Interface (qt) is the default interface on Linux and Windows starting with version 0.9.0. * Used to be wxWidgets Interface (wx) before.
* The skins2 Interface is an interface where you can customize VLC's look (works on Linux and Windows). * The Mac OS X Interface is the default (and only) graphical interface on Mac OS X. * The BeOS Interface is the default (and only)...
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