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Topics: FC Barcelona, La Liga, UEFA Champions League Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: May 18, 2011
FC Barcelona, also known simply as "Barcelona" and familiarly as "Barça", is based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. In this paper, I will talk about three points about it: the history, the achievement, and the finance of FC Barcelona. In the eighteenth century, Hans Gamber and another 10 persons in Barcelona plays a game of one was not for the local people know sports - football. When Gamber on November 29, 1899 on this day created a Barcelona football club, he may be difficult to imagine how much glory and honor of the next brewing. Over more than one hundred years of history, FC Barcelona has grown spectacularly in every area and has progressed into something much greater than a mere sports club, turning Barça’s ‘more than a club’ slogan into a reality. The Barcelona football club is like a flag symbolizes the people's hope - for freedom, has continued to the present, and today, this belief has been maintained at this particular between the club and its supporters. In the 100 years of ups and downs in Barcelona rely on great vitality experienced all sorts of tests are honored to have the tragedy and suffering experienced a golden age of age experienced the victories and unforgettable classic failure, these moments are tempered into a train Barcelona today a well-deserved world-class rich and powerful family. Barcelona's reputation is world class, and it gives all aspects left a deep impression. Indeed, Barcelona at that time was indeed standing on the highest point in Europe, Barcelona is the only Grand Slam tournament for several teams in Europe, one of the club, in addition to Intercontinental, Barcelona honor room displays all possible honor, the spoils of war The most striking is the UEFA Champions League, Barcelona at Wembley made history, winning the highest honor in Europe! In addition to continuing the greatest achievement than the victory is that Barcelona is the only European team never missed the European Cup team, from the various European Cup in...
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