Favelas Essay

Topics: Poverty, Favela, Rio de Janeiro Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Nicole Whitehurst
English Literature
Favela’s Essay
September 27, 2012

Poverty has been around for many centuries, all around the world. Some of the societies governments aren’t doing a thing to fix these shanty towns and favelas. They try to keep them isolated from the more wealthy parts of the city. Whether it means putting up fences or just keeping them in a distance from the others. These people are being treated like animals, forced to live in flooded areas on top of one another. The favelas in Rio De Janeiro are very similar to the shanty towns in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Favelas in Rio De Janeiro lie beneath the beautiful part of Brazil. Some of the old famous favelas where made of a mixture of sand and clay. Then eventually they where made of wood, brick and sheet metal. The first favelas were made in the early 1920’s made up of 839 houses. Over a million people live in seven hundred and fifty favelas. Foreigners and tourists come to see the slums because they find it very attractive. The residents see the neighborhood as a dark, violent, shoddily place that lowers the reputation of their city. These favelas are legendary for drug addicts and brutal gang battles. Its a shame that the people that are honestly trying to make a living, going to work and trying to support their have to live among the chaos. Even with all the cons of the favelas, some of the community do try to make it better since they have to live there. Thousands of people are drawn to the Rio’s Samba schools not just to learn and dance but because they feel a distinctive sense of belonging and respect. Everyday Rio de Janeiro’s population is increasing because so many poor people are migrating into the cities.

In Kelurahan Penjaringan, which is one of Jakarta’s largest slums is the worst area to live at. There are many diseases on the rise there such as malaria, dengue fever, and cholera because of the poor sanitation water. Since its so humid in Jakarta, it adds a stench to the...
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