Faults of Woven and Knit Fabric

Topics: Weaving, WEFT, Textile Pages: 4 (725 words) Published: August 9, 2011
Faults of woven fabric:
It is a band running across the full width of cloth.
Pick bar due ti difference in pick spacing
Tension-bar due to difference in weft tension
Weft-bar due to difference in material count, twist etc
Box marks:
The causes of box marks are –
Dirty box
Shuttle riding over the weft
Dirty shuttle
Dirty picking and ticks
Broken pattern:
It occurs due to wrong drawing of threads insertion of thee pick, incorrect lifting of warp threads. Broken pick:
A pick missing of the fabric, due to rough shuttle eyes, poor winding and weft yarn breakage. Defective selvedge:
Curled selvedge
Cut selvedges
Loppy selvedges
Slack selvedges
Pulled selvedge
Tight selvedge
Uneven selvedge
Float stitches: A place where warp and weft yarns escape the required interlacement. If occurs for improper warp stop motion. Fuzzy: it occurs for the present of hairy and abraded yarns. Hang pick: A pick which is out of line and is a triangular shape. Missing ends: Gap of warp yarns is the main causes

Reed marks: Due to this fault cloth shows irregular spacing between groups of warp yarns across the fabric width. Shuttle marks: Width way marks due to abrasion of warp yarns by the shuttle. Stain:

Major problems on woven fabric Oil, Dust, Soil, Carbon particles in the air may cause stains. Uneven cloth:
It produced when take up motion is faulty, broken ratchet wheel is also responsible. Some mechanical faults:
Reed marks
Shuttle flying out
Shuttle trapping
Loom hanging
Loom stopping
Weft cutting

Knitting Faults:
Holes: Holes are the result of yarn breakage. It occurs for the following causes –
Uneven yarn
Badly set of yarn feeder
Knots, slubs etc in yarn
Yarn tension is too high
Yarn is too dry
Drop stitches: Those are the result of a defective needle. It also occurs when a yarn is not properly fed during stitch formation. Cloth fall –out: it is an area consisting of drop...
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