Topics: Fatigue, Emotion, Muscle Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: November 25, 2013
In the article “Fatigue” Brody explains that people have recently been complaining more today about fatigue then when people were actually doing more labor, he then informs us of three types of fatigue Pathological fatigue, Physical fatigue and Psychological fatigue, and not only there causes of Physical exertion but their cures. Pathological fatigue is described as sick symptoms underlying a physical symptom. Some could be as small as having a cold or flu while, on the other hand it could be something more serious like cancer or diabetes. After having one of these illnesses “you’re likely to feel dragged out for a week or more” (10). Brody tells us “you should rest until your body has a chance to recover fully” (10). For serious conditions like diabetes and cancer you should receive treatment from a doctor. Physical fatigue is from overworking the muscles from things like exercising, sports and physical labor. It’s a type of tiredness that you get “after playing tennis, chopping wood or climbing a mountain” (8). It happens when “carbon dioxide and lactic acid accumulate in your blood and sap your strength” (8). Your muscles can’t work with these chemicals. To get rid of this all you have to do is rest, “giving your body a chance to get rid of accumulated wastes and restore muscle fuel” (8). Psychological fatigue has to do with emotional problems and conflicts. Depression and anxiety are main causes of this type of fatigue. “Emotionally induced fatigue may be compounded by sleep disturbance that results from the underlying psychological conflict” (17). The tired housewife syndrome is one that is common among mothers who “care for a home and small children and fixing meals” (15). These young mothers are doing these things on a daily basis so they don’t have anything else to look to throughout their days that’s exciting or new they become bored since they don’t do much for themselves they get “genuine physical exhaustion from trying to be all things to all...
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