Father's Downfall

Topics: Arizona, The Glass Castle, The Wall Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: March 17, 2014
A Fathers Downfall

Hatred is defined as deep and emotional extreme dislike that can be directed against individuals, entities, objects, or ideas. Rex Walls, husband and father of four, was a man with a full plate from the get-go and encountered countless problematic situations and mishaps throughout his entire life. These circumstances and more is what led him to become a heavy alcoholic therefore titling him unsuitable and unfit to raise and take care of a family and finally bringing upon himself his own destruction. Living in a small southern Arizona town, life had never been easy for the Walls (Walls 9). They lived in a small trailer without either air conditioning or electricity, wore raggedy clothes, went hungry for days, and constantly argued. This was partly because Rex Walls could never sustain a job for the life of him. He would be an engineer here or an electrician there but the money was never good and never lasted due to Rex’s drinking problem. Even though Rex was brilliant and talented he lacked the passion to withhold a job. When the Walls family lived in Battle Mountain, Rex got a job as an electrician in a Beret mine (Walls 54). After a couple of months he lost that job. When the Walls moved to Phoenix, Arizona, Rex was able to land a job as an electrician but then quickly lost that job as well. He told his hopeful family he would get another job because Phoenix was so big. This statement proved to be a lie as he was fired from his second and third job and then was finally kicked out of the Electricians Union (Walls 110). Rex would sometimes do odd jobs and daytime jobs. But sooner or later he would lose those jobs as well. When the Walls family moved to Welch, West Virginia, it seemed as if Rex had given up all hope of finding work all together. One cannot say that Rex did not try to find or keep a job. But as life continued, it seemed he didn’t care as much as he used to before all the nights of coming home drunk and rampaging began. Rex...
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