Father and Son Relationship, Angela's Ashes

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Velazquez Leslie

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August 1, 2013

Angela’s Ashes Prompt #7

One of the strongest things in this world is the love that forms between a father and his son. Many boys grow up with the desire to be just like their fathers but for Frank McCourt having an alcoholic father causes him to grow up with the mentality of being the opposite of him. In Angela’s Ashes the interesting relationship between Frank and Malachy creates positive and negative impacts on Frank’s life. At times, Frank despised his father for drinking the dole money but he knew that in the morning he would have his father to himself. Sitting on his father’s lap and hearing stories about Cuchulain was what made Frank feel loved. Although Malachy managed to make his son feel special, the sufferings that were caused by him made negative impacts on Frank’s life.

One of the positive impacts that Malachy created for Frank was the Cuchulain story. Cuchulain symbolized Malachy’s fatherly side which only happened when he was sober. Cuchulain was something that Frank shared with his father which made it extremely special for him. He hold on to the memories he spend with his father and no matter how mad Frank was at Malachy he knew that the best thing to do was hold his anger in and not put their relationship in danger, “My heart is banging away in my chest and I don’t know what to do because I know I’m raging inside like my mother by the fire and all I can think of doing is running in and giving him a good kick in the leg and running out again but I don’t because we have the mornings by the fire when he tells me about Cuchulain and DeValera and Roosevelt and if he’s there drunk and buying pints with the baby’s money he has that look in his eyes Eugene had when he searched for Oliver and I might as well go home and tell my mother a lie that I never saw him couldn’t find him” (McCourt 185). Frank knows his father’s addiction is what made the...
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