Fashion Trends

Topics: Fashion, Change, Sociology Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Why Do Fashion Trends Change But Repeat Themselves?
In today’s society, we have a general tendency to follow fashion that have been imparted on us especially by the media, but it is like we are repeating a cycle even though fashion trends change quite often they tend to recycle couple years later so why do we keep up? Fashion generally refers to popular style or practice especially in dress or behavior. Fashion trends are known as a “fad” or a craze just for a certain amount of time until something else catches everyone’s eye. Fashion is often used as a way for one to express him or herself, but just like fashion people change over time. Despite the familiarity most people have with fashion trends, few have stopped to think why does these trends change so often? However, I’ve managed to come upon a couple one of which is Marissa Brassfield the author of The Brief History of Fashion Trends, an unknown author of Why do fashion trends change so much, and Tim Yu the author of Why Is Old School Fashion Repeating Itself. According to Marissa, “fashion is essentially the most popular mode of expression” (Brassfield) and a fashion trend mainly occurs “when others mimic or emulate clothing styles worn by those with cultural status.” (Brassfield) Does fashion trends really only come from those with some form of cultural status though? According to another valuable source of mine the author of Why do fashion trends change so much? who goes by the alias “rubyisnotred”, Fashion “trends change as we change, as technology become more advanced, and as our attitudes change as a society, or culture changes and evolves. The way fashion changes also highlight our changing economy.” (Why Do Fashion Trends Change So Much) There are many people that beg to differ on such matters such as, Tim Yu author of “Why is old school fashion repeating itself” claims fashion trends are needed for youngsters to uphold their reputation amongst peers as well as it’s needed for fashion designers...

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