Famous Scientists' List

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Famous Scientists' List
Name| Birth/Death| Achievements|
Albert Einstein| 1879 - 1955| He is arguably at the pinnacle, if the popularity of all the scientists is taken into account. He demonstrated solutions to a trio of mind-boggling topics in Physics in 1905 and shot into the limelight.| Sir Isaac Newton| 1642 - 1727| "Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica" called "Principia" is acknowledged as the greatest scientific book ever published. Sir Isaac Newton wrote this in 1687.| Galileo Galilei| 1564 - 1642| He was the first to use the telescope for furnishing evidence that the Earth revolves around the Sun. This postulate was in contrast to that held by the majority.| Charles Darwin| 1809 - 1882| "On the origin of species by means of natural selection" is Darwin's famous book published in 1859.| Johannes Kepler| 1571 - 1630| Kepler compiled the Mars data which enabled him to propose the "Three Laws of Planetary Motion".| Louis Pasteur| 1822 - 1895| Some of his works are: separation of mirror image molecules and effect of polarized light, and identification of the parasite that was killing silkworms.| James Maxwell| 1831 - 1879| He is known for the "Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" published in 1873. Maxwell independently developed the "Maxwell-Boltzmann kinetic theory of gases".| Edwin Hubble| 1889 - 1953| "Hubble's Law" stated that galaxies move away from each other at a speed determined by the distance that separated them. He classified galaxies as per their distance, shape, brightness patterns and content.| Emil Fisher| 1852 - 1919| Some of his works are: synthesis of glucose, fructose, mannose starting with glycerol, and establishing structures for the 16 stereoisomers of the aldohexoses with glucose as the most prominent member.| Paul Dirac| 1902 - 1984| He received a Nobel prize in 1933 for the work on anti-particles. The "Dirac equation" was a version of the Schrodinger's equation.| Archimedes|...
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