Family Tradition

Topics: Family, Thanksgiving, Green bean casserole Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: December 14, 2012
It was 7:59 in the morning and I could already smell my favorite Thanksgiving meal. I could almost taste the melted cheddar cheese on my nana’s green bean casserole. My alarm went off and it’s now 8, as I started to get out of bed, I wondered why my brother hadn’t come to wake me up yet? Is he still sleeping or did they leave me home again. I jumped out of bed hoping he’s still sleeping. I run through the house terrified they left to nana’s house for Thanksgiving without me. I reach my brother’s room burst through his door with the relief that he was still here sleeping. As soon as I closed his door, I heard his little footsteps run to his door and “BOOM” his door flew open, “where are you going Skie?” he asks. I responded telling him “to my room to get dressed so we can go to nana’s” “oh okay” my brother replied. As I walked into my room and closed my door, I could hear my brother yell at the top of his lungs “Daddy wake up, it’s Thanksgiving and time to go to nanas”. I was dressed within 15 minutes and so was the rest of the household, including my stepmom, dad, brother, and little sister. It was 8:20 and we had to be at my nana’s house by nine. So we all loaded up into the car and set off to nana’s house. About 25 minutes later we arrived at nanas everyone else is already here, which meant we were the last ones here again. But that’s okay; nana wouldn’t let us miss anything because we’re her favorite grandchildren. My dad is the first to go inside. Now my brother and I were carrying the baby bags inside. I looked in the kitchen for my dad but I don’t see him, I go to the living room. My dad, uncle, and cousin were drawn into the football game on TV. It’s the Packers vs. the Steelers, my dad’s favorite team against my uncle’s favorite team. Before it gets too rowdy in the living room, I turned to walk outside to play out traditional family football game with a few uncles and cousins. It was my Uncle Bobby, Cousin Kyle, and I against my Uncle Peter, and...
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