A family supper

Topics: Family, Emotion Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: July 21, 2004
"A Family Supper," by Kazuo Ishiguro, is a story of uncertainty, nervousness, emotions, and loss of love in the family. The narrator, Ishiguro, is a Protagonist, was born in the Tokyo, Japan. He is returning home from California some two years after the death of his mother. After the WWII, Watanabe's despondency of the loss of the company leads him to take his life and his family members. The Protagonist's mother, who is believed by her husband to have lost hope in her life, commits a suicide as well. The Protagonist's father who lives with the loss of his wife and his friend and business partner, Watanabe, feels hopelessness that leads him to consider suicide as a relief from loneliness and guilt. "A Family Supper," by Kazuo Ishiguro explores the psychology of the desperate father, whose uncertainty about his life will be judged by the bond of love he shares with his son.

This story takes place in Japan after WWII. Kazuo Ishiguro returns his native home from California to visit his father and his sister, who lives in the Kamakura district. The garden creates an atmosphere of anxiety and worries: "Much of the garden had fallen into shadow" (466). The garden provides sensory background about her mother. Her worries, beliefs in ghosts, and disappointment on her son's behavior leads her to commit suicide as narrator agrees that "My relationship with my parents had become somewhat strained around the period" (465). It's a part of Japanese culture that people don't live a disgrace life. It's an honor to die. Suicide for the business partner and even for the air force pilots is glorified by the father. The description of the house contributes conflict and also reveals his father's character. The protagonist, while walking through his old home, remarks "I had forgotten how large the house was [...] but the rooms were all startlingly empty" (469). This parallels with the illustration of his father - the owner of the house - who closes himself off emotionally from the...
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