Family Social Science Theories

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Family Social Science Theories
Structure-Function Theory - views the family as a social system with members who have specific roles and functions. Systems Theory - describes families as a unit of the whole composed of members whose interactional patterns are the focus of attention. Developmental Theory - emphasizes how families change over time and focuses on interactions and relationships among family members. Interactionist Theory - focuses on the family as a unit of interacting personalities and examines the communication processes by which family members relate to one another.

Friedman Family Assessment Model
* Draws heavily on structure-function framework and on developmental and systems theory. * Macroscopic approach to family assessment.
* Focus of this approach is assessing the family’s structure (organization) and functions (activities and purposes) and the family’s relationship to each other social system.

Underlying Assumptions of Friedman Family Assessment Model
1. The family is a social system with functional requirements. 2. A family is a small group possessing certain generic features common to all small groups. 3. The family as a social system accomplishes functions that serve the individual and society. 4. Individuals act in accordance with a set of internalized norms and values that are learned primarily in the family through socialization.

Family Life Cycle Stages
1. Leaving home; single young adults
2. Joining of families through marriage; the new couple
3. Families with young children
4. Families with adolescents
5. Launching children and moving on
6. Families in later life

Burr and Klein’s Conceptual Framework of Coping Strategies * Be accepting of the situation and others.
* Gain useful knowledge.
* Change how the situation is viewed or defined (reframe). * Express feelings and affection.
* Avoid or resolve negative feelings and disabling expressions of emotions. *...
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