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Paper Topic #1: Family Guy

The Family Guy was brought to the public in early 1999. Though the genre of the show is comedic, the show itself also resembles many historical themes. From the episodes that I’ve watched, each show contains at least one, if not multiple, historical references within them. The Family Guy is a comedic animated sitcom that resembles the generation in which it came out. The first episode debuted on January 31, 1999. Since then, The Family Guy has been a big hit and still continues to go strong to this day.

From watching The Family Guy, we can observe many trends that happened during that particular historical era or generation. For example, the opening introduction song to the show has particular lines that include, “It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV.” What we can infer about this was that during the early as well as the late 1990’s, America’s culture had changed. It was in the early 1950’s right after the Vietnam War that the rise of rock and roll took place. With the rise of rock and roll, rebellion as well as baby booming occurred. Mom and dad were always out working which meant that the children were always left unattended. As a result, the kids became rebellious.

As time progressed, rock and roll developed its identity through rebellion. Since then, rebellion has been an ongoing theme throughout American history. As seen on The Family Guy, Peter and Lois’s kids are very rebellious within their own family and often reject their parents. For example, in season one episode three, Meg was invited to a friend’s party. Because it was her little brother’s birthday, she was not allowed to go. Despite what her mom says, she asks her dad knowing that he would say yes and proceeds to go to the party. Another theme that takes place within The Family Guy is the need to look good. This theme has always been a part of America because everyone gets pre-judged. Within the family, everyone but Stewie is...
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