Family Curfews: Can Not Keep Teens Out of Trouble

Topics: Parent, Family, Childhood, Mother, Father, Marriage / Pages: 7 (1694 words) / Published: Jan 23rd, 2012
Looking for freedom is human nature. Everyone wants to have his or her own space and time to manage. When you were a teenager, you sought for independence and tried to decide by yourself, but when you become a parent, can you still remember to let your children be free and have faith in them? Most parents will forget the feeling they experienced when they were teenagers and forgot to make the things right when they become moms or dads. They set a lot of rules at home for their kids and sometimes even strict family curfews. But do they work? Can they really keep teens out of trouble, or do they make it worse? Parents like to give curfews for their children like "you have to get home at XX time" and "you can not go anywhere without my permission," etc. If they are grounded, they may resist it and get into trouble sometimes. In Irvine's (2009) article, she cites Sanchez's words that giving family curfews is like "putting a Band-Aid on the problem" (para. 25). You can not solve the problem your children have or prevent the trouble that may happen to them by setting curfews because curfews may cause computer game and pornography addictions, and family conflicts which is not good for building up the teens personality or keeping them healthy. Family curfews may lead to computer game addictions. If parents give their children curfews that they have to stay at home since a certain time, and because parents respect their privacy, teens may shut themselves in their rooms and do something that parents do not expect. In addition, teens all have their own computers nowadays, so it's easy for them to have computer game addictions. They will play online computer games just because they can not go out and play, and they do not have other things to do at home. That is a kind of trouble that could be brought on by curfews, and a lot of parents barely notice that their kids are having some serious problems. Computer game addiction is a terrible behavior because it is

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