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A person’s view upon the world always changes in the process of growing up; he or she is not just getting around with family members but also the society, strangers and friends. However, family background does play a crucial and vital role in influencing a person perceives the world. Personally, a person means the child in a family; he or she is in the process of a child turning to be an adult. While, family background means education level, financial status, growing up environment, and the social skills possessed and practiced by the child’s parents, siblings and relatives. Therefore, as time goes by, these will influence a person mentally and physically perceive their surrounding and environment.

Family is the first sources of information one receives. When one is still a child, parents are the one he or she takes as role model. Children tend to observe, imitate and follow the activities carried out by their parents and siblings. The family members’ feelings and point of view come into play as a model for the child. In the growing up stage, children always listen to their family members. For instance, parents are the one who teach and share with the child what they have learned and their perspectives towards issues, problems that occur. They are the one whom show the “proper manner” in handling and facing the challenges in life. The child takes the advice as his or her primary source for solution.

In addition, family background plays an important role in inculcating a child in blending himself or herself in the society. The environment created shapes a person’s point of view about his or her surroundings. For example that one learns about sharing at home would be able to share when he or she is in the world. One learn to communicate in a proper manner, the child will know about manner and respect others. When one learnt about abuse at home, one grows up to be juvenile delinquents...

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